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Introducing "Mariah" - a captivating expression of spring's delicate beauty captured in a charming round bouquet. Named after its graceful allure and timeless elegance, Mariah is designed to infuse joy and warmth into any space.

At the heart of this enchanting arrangement are exquisite Ecuadorian roses in soft shades of pink, each bloom exuding a sweet fragrance and unparalleled beauty. These roses, known for their luxurious petals and captivating hues, serve as the focal point, radiating sophistication and romance.

Complementing the roses are delicate Matthiolas, adorned in pastel shades reminiscent of a spring morning. Their gentle fragrance fills the air with whispers of freshness, evoking the essence of new beginnings and rejuvenation.

Adding a playful touch to the ensemble are pink spray carnations, their dainty petals adding a whimsical charm to the bouquet. These carnations, with their abundance of blooms, symbolize admiration and affection, making them a perfect addition to convey heartfelt sentiments.

Finally, touches of purple lisianthus and Ranunculus complete the arrangement, adding depth and richness to Mariah's palette. Symbolizing appreciation and gratitude, these elegant blooms add a touch of sophistication while enhancing the bouquet's overall harmony.

Whether as a gift to celebrate a special occasion or as a gesture of love and appreciation, Mariah promises to delight and enchant with its exquisite blend of spring blooms. Embrace the season's beauty with Mariah, and let its radiant presence illuminate your world.


Item Inclusion:

Round Bouquet

5 Stems of Pink China Roses

3 Stems of Pink Two Toned Spray Carnations

6 Stems of Pink button Mums

5 Stems of Pink Ranunculus

2 Stems of White Matthiola

2 Stems of Pink Matthiola

2 Stems of Peach Matthiola

2 Stems of Purple Lisianthus

Complimented with Rosal foliage. 

In Custom Lavander Felt Wrapper and Variety Pink and White Ribbons

Product Size: Approximately 20 Inches in Length x 13 Inches in Diameter